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Dominica — not the Dominican Republic — is Costa Rica 40 years ago. It barely registers on the "tourism radar," though that won't be true much longer. An island this beautiful, this accessible, and so packed with nature is bound to become beloved by the world. Here, you hike to boiling lakes. You scuba dive over bubbling reefs. You dine on five-star meals on five-star, empty beaches. This is paradise. This is the Nature Island.

Matador has teamed up with Discover Dominica to help you do just that. Let the below inspire you — not only for your next trip to the island, but to give you hope that not all the world's treasures have been spoken for.

This series is proudly produced in partnership with Discover Dominica.

We call it Dominica

No, it’s not the Dominican Republic; welcome to Dominica, the nature island! Dominica is situated between Guadeloupe and Martinique in the Caribbean, and is 300 square miles of paradise. With the highest concentration of dormant volcanoes in the world, there’s an endless supply of hot springs and warm streams and even warm bubbles caressing you from the ocean floor.

8 reasons we love Dominica

These are just some of the reasons we love Dominica. As soon as you get here, you’ll find your own.

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