How can travelers support Hawaii’s sustainable travel movement?

The spirit of malama courses through the islands of Hawaii — through the local traditions, through the landscapes of valley, mountain, and shore, and even the food grown with care in the fertile local soil. The term means “to care for,” and it defines how the people of Hawaii interact with their home and with each other. When you’re here, be sure to practice it, too. You’ll find a sense of peace as you explore in tune with the islands’ roots, helping to sustain the land, the sea, the communities, and yourself.

Matador has teamed up with The Islands of Hawaii to enable you to do just that. Let the series of original videos and articles below inspire you — not only for your next trip to Hawaii, but to embrace the spirit of malama wherever you are.

This post is proudly produced in partnership with The Hawaiian Islands.

Malama Aina: To take care of the land

Be inspired by how locals malama aina (care for the land) in Hawaii and learn how you, too, can form a deeper connection to nature, the people of Hawaii, and yourself.

Malama Kai: To take care of the sea

Caring for the sea, or Malama Kai, is born from the same spirit as taking care of the Earth and each other. These stories of Hawaiians explore how the spirit of malama connects us all, from Mauka to Makai.

Malama Ka Poe: To take care of one’s people

Malama means to take care – of Earth, each other, and ourselves. In Hawaiian culture, everything is interconnected. These are just a few stories of how the spirit of malama thrives everywhere you look.

Malama aina: Oahu

As soon as you arrive in Oahu you’ll begin to feel it. Malama aina, or taking care of the ocean and land, is at the center of Hawaiian life. It’s not something we teach, but just something you experience. From food to family, the ocean and land is what gathers us.

Malama aina: Kauai

Malama aina is our priority. We honor prior generations and all they have sacrificed for Hawaii to be sustainable by passing it on to the next generation, building community. Come see how we care for the land and ocean here across the island of Kauai.

Where the land speaks: Island of Hawaii

Explore Pololu Valley, Anna Ranch, and the black sand beach of Pohoiki. Swim across Kealakekua Bay, paddle across Kailua Bay, and surf Kahaluu Beach Park. Even just enjoying beers at Big Island Brewhaus or food at Magics Beach Grill, you can feel the aloha spirit revitalizing your soul.

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