Break away from the margarita (you can come back to it later). You’re in Florida now, where the waters are luminescent. Where the scallops are fresh. Where the trails last for 1,300 miles. Where lighthouses are your compass. Hang gliding, kite surfing, sky diving, snorkeling, airboating, chillin’ with the manatees — the list of things to do is overwhelmingly long.

That’s why Matador is proud to partner with Visit Florida— not only to bring you stories and travel guides to the state, but to help you find your own adventure. Scroll down for trip inspiration, and follow Visit Florida on social media for more tips and ideas.

This series is proudly produced in partnership with VISIT FLORIDA.


Adventure on the Great Calusa Blueway

The Great Calusa Blueway connects nearly 200 miles of inland tributaries with Gulf Coast inlets and wetlands. There’s bountiful wildlife, from dolphins and manatees to gators and rays. And because much of the paddling is in safe, protected bays and estuaries, it’s an ideal first-timer’s or family sea kayaking adventure. 

Florida's River of Grass: The Everglades

The Florida Everglades, the largest subtropical wilderness in the United States, is a key habitat for manatees, hundreds of bird species, and the rare Florida panther.

High-flying adventures in Florida

The Gulf Coast of Florida has some of the most beautiful coastline you’ll find anywhere. It’s a landscape of broad bays, peninsulas, mangroves, keys, and white sand beaches along the Gulf of Mexico. Throughout the region are cool little beach towns where life is all about adventures in (and above) the water.

Florida: An Eden for adventure

Digital influencers @tiffpenguin, @karlshakur, @jackharding, and @christianshaffer traveled to Florida to find adventure. They found it—in Ocala, exploring forests and lakes by horseback, kayaking and swimming through crystalline waters, and ziplining through canyons above glittering lakes.

5 locals, 5 visitors, 5 great Florida cities

Experience the Florida locals know. Join us on journeys from Pensacola to St. Augustine, St. Petersburg to Greater Fort Lauderdale, and to the southernmost city, Key West. Eat it, drink it, and experience it authentically, like those who live here do.

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