Dick’s Sporting Goods: Burton Peak Hoodie 2014-15

A lot of us here at Matador grew up snowboarding — some are even at the point where we’re passing on the mountain stoke to the next generation, teaching our kids to ride.

So we’re proud to be partnering with Dick’s Sporting Goods and Burton to publish stories about having fun in the snow, and the gear and clothing we take with us. The 2014-15 Burton Peak Hoodie is particularly appealing for its versatility — it functions great as a mid-layer, fitting snugly under a shell for excellent mobility and warmth on those powder laps. But it’s also stylish enough to rock off piste come apres time.

Check out the content below as you get geared up for another epic season, and then hop over to Dick’s, exclusive carrier of this winter’s Burton Peak Hoodie.

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