SanDisk: Telling Life’s Stories from Memory

SanDisk products are designed to capture and preserve the images that tell life’s stories. As storytellers who spend large amounts of time on the road, Matador knows how essential it is to have gear you can trust to record the experience and bring it back home.

In this series, we present stories from our extended crew of adventure athletes, creative nomads, and travelers-at-heart, conveyed via stunning imagery and vivid writing. View our titles below, and then head over to to share your life story, told from memory.

Series Articles

Profile of the traveler of the future

Our travels of today will surely seem primitive to our descendants 150 years from now.

A place of white birds: 7 transcendant moments in the Slovakian mountains

Snapshots from a few days in the mountains of Central Europe.

24 hours at the world's largest camel fair: Pushkar, India

Break bread, drink chai, recline in the sand, and watch all of India pass you by.

The art of travel by bicycle

Your mind seems to slow and sync with the speed of the drivetrain.

Sketches of Spain

To travel is to experience just as much a change of characters as a change in scenery.

Hitchhiker's diary: Thumbing 1,000 miles through the Canadian North

There is a tall redheaded man named Nic with me. We are heading north.

Rock bums of the High Sierra

I have no choice but to trust my friends and the movement of the planet and to get on with it.

8 lessons you learn in Patagonia

What I learned was that far from empty, Patagonia is a peopled landscape.

When travel is your paycheck

Finding the one wave that’s going off can be maddening when there are so many options.

Memories of summer in Alaska

The trip had a significance for me that was harder to quantify but impossible to ignore.

8 portraits of travel before and after having kids

The truth is kids are naturally better travelers than adults.

The 7 fundamentals of documenting your travels

Don't let the travel memories you make evaporate once you're home.

Lessons from a Berber in Morocco

“Man,” he said. The star-specked shadow of night couldn’t hide the grin in his tone.

Lessons from visiting First Nations people in Alaska

Perpetuating culture and tradition takes effort. There are no shortcuts.

How to use your mobile device to create awesome travel images

Smartphone photography has become a full-blown global movement.

13 classic travel moments

2. You start to feel epic.

What are your favorite travel memories?

My favorite travel memory is the one I'm making right now.

9 'extreme' places you can visit (fairly) easily

9 places, each claiming its own extremes, that you definitely can and should visit.

15 moments that define a road trip

It’s as if you’re in your own movie, the constant forward motion lending a cinematic effect.

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