Fjord Norway: In Motion

Fjord Norway is the actual source of most of the images you likely associate with “Norway” in general. The region runs along the country’s southwestern coast, comprising a dramatic landscape of fjords, mountains, cliffs, and islands, as well as some truly special cultural and culinary centers.

For this exciting partnership, Matador dispatched a small crew of our most talented Ambassadors to traverse the region and do what they do best, be that kayaking world-class whitewater, trekking the regions epic trails, or simply photographing scenery that seemed be pushing to new levels just around that next curve in the road. Scroll down to see the stories and media they came back with.

Series Articles

20 videos that will make you want to travel to Fjord Norway

Please enjoy all 20 episodes of this mega-series.

Fjord Norway was made for road trips

These images are the visual diary of my road trip.

Unlocking the creative culture of Bergen, Fjord Norway

Rain has a tendency to usher people indoors and makes for a cohesive energy in the city.

On a 9-day mission in Fjord Norway

They mean it when they say, “You have to be here to believe it.”

13 epic views from the Skåla Trail: One of Fjord Norway's most rewarding hikes

We made sandwiches, bought water, rationed our camera gear, and set off.

Troll's Tongue, Fjord Norway: Is this the sickest view on the planet?

What it's like to hike up and stand on the edge of the Trolltunga.

Kayaking some of the best whitewater on Earth: Fjord Norway

There's more water in this Scandinavian country than anywhere else in the world.

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