Photo: Mitsubishi

Good things come in small packages. Adventures don’t need to be larger than life, grander than grand, wilder than wild. They just need to be yours.

Matador has teamed up with Mitsubishi — a brand that prides itself on high quality, not high quantity — to show you that small-batch adventure is not only smart, it’s the way of the future. Where will yours take you?

This series is proudly produced in partnership with Mitsubishi Motors.

When inspiration calls: Go to where it leads

The Woodshop is more than a studio. It’s a collective of makers, friends, and fellow surfers who’ve combined their passion for woodcraft and graphic design into a creative hub. Join them for a day in San Francisco, from their neighborhood in the Outer Sunset to finding inspiration in new materials and waves.

Woodshop: Luke Bartels

Woodshop: Jeff Canham

Woodshop: Danny Hess

The joy of shared spaces

More than a workspace

Shared experience

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