California: Dream Big

California inspires big dreams — in both the creative, free-spirited, fun-loving people who call the state home, and the travelers who can’t wait to get there.

Which is why, when our friends at Visit California asked Matador how we #dreambig in California, we were stoked to put together the following series and showcase the epic landscapes, welcoming culture, unique travel opportunities, and one-of-a-kind artists, entrepreneurs, and influencers who make California the place to dream big.

Scroll down to find stories to inspire your own dreams of California.

Series Articles

6 legendary California golf courses to play before you die

From oceanside cliffs to minimalist desert, California's golf courses take advantage of the state's spectacular terrain.

14 of Southern California's swankiest hotels and resorts

A look at the high end of the high-end hotels from San Diego to Santa Barbara.

9 reasons there's more to Northern California than what's on the coast

From mega wilderness to quality booze to historical sites, there are so many reasons to go inland in Northern California.

18 white-hot chefs and new California restaurants from San Diego to Napa

From San Diego to Napa, California's contemporary culinary scene is worth exploring.

13 of California's most luxurious spas north of LA

Luxurious spas to complement any trip to the North and Central Coasts.

California unplugged: 5 weekend itineraries to get your kids off their cell phones

Get your kids out into nature and enjoy the Golden State without distraction.

5 high-end California itineraries for when money is no object

California is the land of gold, and not just in the northern prospector territory.

17 vivid landscapes to inspire your California wanderlust

California has one of the most starkly diverse topographies on the planet.

10 on-site California film locations that aren't in LA or SF

There's a whole lot of California, which means a multitude of cinematographic sites.

9 must-eat farmers markets in Northern California

Northern California is a smorgasbord of local organic produce and fine wine.

94 things to do with your 94 days of summer in San Diego

Kick off the summer with a hike at the Torrey Pines State Reserve.

9 of California's most epic concert venues

With so many epic venues, it makes you wonder. Maybe that’s just the California way.

5 California trips your kids will remember for a lifetime

From theme parks to epic wilderness, you've got options.

4 California artists tell their stories of how they #dreambig

Visit California took over YouTube and launched 24 videos in 24 hours.

Off-trail in Death Valley, California

I pulled the webbing up the dryfall, and to my horror saw what had been tied to it.

Mountain biking California wine country

Recommended riding and tasting for Napa and surrounds.

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