Costa Rica:
Save the Americans

One of Costa Rica’s most stunning assets is its biodiversity. This Central American country, smaller than most US states, harbors an incredible 5% of all plant and animal species on the planet. Many are endangered and endemic, meaning you’ll see them in Costa Rica and nowhere else.

But Matador’s partner Visit Costa Rica is turning the tables and asking: What about us humans? Another staggering figure is that Americans leave 500 million vacation days unused every year. This comes with its own dangers, and has prompted the campaign to #SaveTheAmericans. Scroll down to read how Costa Rica is coming to the aid of the overworked and under-vacationed.

This series is proudly produced in partnership with Visit Costa Rica.

Original Videos by Matador Media House

Finding Hope in Costa Rica

Follow professional big mountain skier Lynsey Dyer as she explores the geography of her dreams, and what the people who inhabit it are doing to preserve it. This is Costa Rica as few know it.

Nuanced Notes with Michelle Johnson

Follow coffee expert and award-winning barista Michelle Johnson as she searches for coffee direct from the source—farm to cup—in the Northern Plains of Costa Rica.

Pura Vida

Essential Costa Rica Costa Rica has it all: jungle, beaches, mountains, adventure, relaxation. It’s all good in the land of pura vida. In fact, Costa Rica feels like it’s hiding a slice of paradise around every corner, just waiting for travelers to explore it.

Costa Rica From the Air

Costa Rica’s epic beauty is difficult to comprehend from ground level.

Costa Rica: Enter Adventure

If you’re watching this video in your cubicle at work, throwing frantic glances over your shoulder to make sure no one finds out how you REALLY spend your workday, take note: Costa Rica is waiting for you. Put in a vacation request, book a flight, and get down here.

Costa Rica: Into Nature

Cruising the wildlife-packed mangroves of the Sierpe River, traversing rainforest roads to extraordinary waterfalls and swimming holes, pacing yourself with the ebb and flow of the tide on two coasts, communing with iconic creatures of the tropical forest — toucans, capuchin monkeys, sloths…these are just a few ways to experience nature in Costa Rica.