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HITTING THE OPEN ROAD, loaded to the gills with gear, plans to live in a truck camper for two months — my brother and I knew this was a road trip of epic proportions that we didn’t want to let pass by, so we pulled the trigger and headed north to Alaska, with hopes of extending our winter as spring approached at home in Sun Valley, Idaho.

After finally committing to the trip, Yancy and I spent a week packing all the winter camping gear we could think of. We carefully put together a quiver of split boards, pow surfers, approach skis, and high-powered snowmobiles to prepare for any terrain conditions. Feeling equipped to tackle the Powder Highway, we blazed into Canada and pointed it towards Revelstoke, BC and the Monashee Mountains.

After a night in Nelson, we arrived in Revi for a few bluebird days following a 30-day storm cycle. Perfect timing to hit the Eagle Pass Heli operation during a scheduled photo shoot for Eddie Bauer/First Ascent. EPH lead guide Scott Newsome blew our minds wide open to what Canada had to offer for terrain options and snow conditions. Our First Ascent crew explored the high alpine zones by helicopter, capturing some amazing shots of our team. Scott runs a tight ship at Eagle Pass. With the motto “snowy days are the best days,” they can fly every day in whatever conditions.

Yancy and I couldn’t resist staying a few days longer to ride sleds above the Columbia River. The area turned out to have the deepest snow I’ve ever attempted to ride my submarine in; my 3.5ft snowmobile disappeared under the snow during each turn. Four feet of fresh powder was more than enough to get a real taste of British Columbia and the Monashees.

Words and photos by Wyatt Caldwell; video by Yancy Caldwell.

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BC powder

I scouted a fine place to launch off a cornice into a deep landing of BC powder. This photo was chosen for Eddie Bauer’s main snow ad campaign.


Eagle Pass Heli

Scott Newsome of Eagle Pass Heliskiing says it will take years for him to set foot on all the unexplored terrain that lies within his permitted fly zone.


Monashee pillowland

Our first glimpse of the Monashee Mountains and the winter wonderland of terrain that surrounds Revelstoke, BC.


Drop zone

Scott bootpacks a trail to the drop zone just past an enormous cornice the size of a semi truck.


Clear skies

Scott takes a minute to admire the view of his backyard, which has been socked in with storm clouds for the last 30 days.


Monashee sunset

A classic Monashee sunset as the light hits the snow with that mango chutney glow.



I love that golden moment when the fresh snowflakes lift off the trees and dance around in the light of approaching evening.


Yancy on his sled

Deep turn after deep turn makes you forget you even have your snowboard strapped on the sled.


River view

A windy logging road above the Columbia River quickly gave us access to the deep snow Revelstoke is famous for.



Yancy and I pause to appreciate the weather breaking for an evening view of the Columbia and the deepest snow I've ever ridden.