One of Vancouver’s most famous landmarks is Granville Island’s Public Market. With more than 12.2 million visitors per year, this is where both locals and tourists deeply immerse themselves in West Coast food culture and shop for locally produced seasonal and regional foods and select BC Wines.

Located on Granville Island is Edible Canada, a trendy 3,500 square foot 170-seat bistro and artisan food retail store is a rather unique establishment entirely dedicated to promoting the best locally based menus, wine list and retail products from British Columbia and Canada, their market-fresh seasonal cuisine determines the daily menus and fresh sheet. And there is so much more.

Edible Canada’s Tour & Events team has developed the Granville Island Market Tour, a small professionally guided two-hour walk through Granville Island’s Public Market to discover how and where Vancouver’s top chefs selectively shop for produce and source their inspired ingredients. Highly informative and infused with historical content, guests sample from the diverse group of featured vendors. For more information Edible Canada food tours, visit

In the meantime, feast your eyes on some images taken during our fabulous tasting tour.

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Granville Public Market

Granville Island's Public Market is Vancouver's most famous food market.


Edible Canada

Edible Canada is a multifaceted culinary tourism company focused solely on promoting local food and highlighting Canadian cuisine.


BC wineries

Edible Canada supports BC wineries with an inviting selection of local wines.


Benton Brothers Fine Cheese

Benton Brothers Fine Cheese offers an ever-changing variety of handcrafted, artisanal, small production cheeses.


Oozy, stinky, runny, salty, earthy, pungent, mild, creamy...

Choose your cheeses; oozy, stinky, runny, salty, earthy, pungent, mild, creamy, hard, or soft


Oyama Sausage Co.

Oyama Sausage is the most respected charcuterie maker in Vancouver. Sausage making has been in John van der Lieck’s family for five generations. From pates to prosciuttos, hams to salamis, all of Oyama’s 350+ products are handmade in Vancouver using Canadian, free-range locally cured meats.


A small sample

Just a small sample of the exotic offerings from Oyama Sausage.


Terra Breads

Terra Breads offers fresh baked, slow-rise artisan breads, delectable rustic pastries and delicious small meals. No preservatives and bread makers might be interested to know that Terra’s sourdough culture is 20-years old.


Chilliwack River Valley Natural Honey

Chilliwack River Valley Natural Honey carries a variety of 100% honey, all natural and unpasteurized, propolis cream and tincture, and bee pollen that is all packaged by hand.


The Granville Island Tea Company

Specializing in premium loose-leaf teas, The Granville Island Tea Company is always busy with customers pouring over their menus that list up to 150 teas.


Hot masal chai tea

If you have never tried chai you owe it to yourself to sample a cup of Granville Island Tea Company’s hot masala chai. It's a taste sensation!


JJ Beans

JJ Beans has been owned an operated by the Neate family for four generations. What separates them from other well-known coffee franchises are they specialize in small-batch coffee bean roasting and employ French-press brewing for every cup.


The 1 Orchard

One of the oldest vendors at the Public Market, No. 1 Orchard supplies organic, unwaxed Extra Fancy apples. You’ll also find inviting piles of handpicked raspberries, strawberries, and blackberries.


Lee's Donuts

One of Granville Island’s oldest proprietors, Lee’s Donuts features donuts made daily with the freshest and best quality ingredients.


Screw the diet

Screw our diet; these were the best donuts I have ever tasted! The baker actually determines the temperature of the yeast and compares that to the outside air temperature each day, then adjusts the recipe accordingly so the yeast rises at its optimal best. Respect!



We could not leave Edible Canada's without taking something home from their small retail store that is stocked full of the highest quality gourmet food items.