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Matador Community member Peter Davies is traversing the entire Mexico City subway system.

[Editor's note: The following Matador Community blog was chosen by editors to be republished here at the Network.]

IN LATE 2011 I got the idea that it would be an interesting challenge and above all an unforgettable experience to traverse the entire, extensive metro system of Mexico City.

Beginning in early 2012 the idea will come to fruition.

However, it is not just a matter of riding the metro to each station. I will get off at every single stop on each line and explore the surrounds of the station.

The aim of the project is to gain a better understanding and knowledge of Mexico City and Mexico by experiencing the city at close range and documenting my findings with both written and photographic content.

With approximately 180 stations across the network this will be a huge endeavor.

The life and culture within the metro itself is also well worth documenting. With between 4 and 5 million daily passengers the diversity of people on the metro system is incredible.

I have encountered very few places in the world that are as lively as the Mexico City Metro. While photography within the trains and stations is prohibited I am sure that the vibrant life contained within will also be reflected.

The site I have created will be updated regularly over the next few months until the project is complete. Please pass by!

About The Author

Peter W. Davies

Peter W Davies is an Australian writer and teacher. He is currently working on the Mexico City Metro Project and a collection of short stories tentatively titled 'The Yonder Beyond: Stories from a Journey through the Americas.'

  • Julie

    Very cool- I started a similar project when I lived in DF a couple years ago– Mexico City by Metro. I didn’t get to all the stops, though- it could take a lifetime. Look forward to following along. 

  • Josie @

    Sounds like a cool project!! I would like to similar but probably not every station! I am currently a Melbournian living in Mexico city.  Do you know if there are many aussies here? :) 

  • Peter W Davies

    Thanks for the comments and support!  The project continues, into the second quarter!  Check it out!!

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