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Italy becomes the first country to make climate change study mandatory in schools

Extreme Australian bushfires reach Sydney suburbs

‘The Whale’ is a poetic new attraction for nature lovers in Arctic Norway

People are waiting hours in line to see Yayoi Kusama’s new Infinity Mirror Room for just one minute

London’s National Portrait Gallery is closing for three years

Russia’s new free e-visa will make traveling to St. Petersburg easier than ever

Volcanic eruption in Tonga sinks an entire island, creates a new one

Amtrak’s Thanksgiving sale has fares as low as $29 each way

The worst airports and routes to fly this Thanksgiving

A rare purebred dingo was found in Australia, and could help save the species

Woman lost at sea in Greece for three days survived on boiled candy

Switzerland relaxes ibex trophy hunting rules, stirring controversy

Kyoto bans taking photos of geishas

‘Cards Against Humanity’ creators to open board game cafe in Chicago

There’s a new way to ensure your clothing and travel gear is sustainable

The Book of Kells, Ireland’s greatest cultural treasure, will be taken off display for four months

Delta restores same-sex love scenes in ‘Booksmart’ and ‘Rocketman’

Alaska Airlines is discounting flights to Hawaii based on wave height

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