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Russian volcano erupts for the first time in 95 years and astronauts captured the moment from space

The Amazon rainforest, our defense against climate change, has been on fire for weeks

This Australian company gives employees 12 weeks of ‘life leave’ every year

‘Rage Yoga’ lets you curse and drink beer to achieve inner peace

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Hidden continent discovered 1,000 miles below Europe

New plane technology will monitor how long you spend in the bathroom

French low-cost airline is making flying between New York and Paris cheap and easy

The northernmost hotel in the world is opening in the North Pole in 2020

The ‘world’s longest food festival’ celebrates Irish cuisine

Nestlé Japan is dumping plastic KitKat packaging for origami paper

This immersive art exhibit is a beautiful call for environmental action

Turkey to flood 12,000-year-old settlement for dam project

The Queen of England is looking for a live-in housekeeper

How the 20 biggest US cities got their names

Australian couple lands in Iranian prison after using drone

Massive seal helps bust international drug op in Australia

US fighter jets narrowly missed skydivers

Air New Zealand’s attempt to trademark indigenous greeting angers Māori people

A rare Harvest Micro Moon will appear on Friday the 13th

This region in Italy will pay you over $25,000 to move there

Americans panic as White Claw disappears from shelves

Dutch museum faces criticism over Nazi design exhibition

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