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Can You Guess What These Hilarious Irish Slang Phrases Mean?

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by Morgane Croissant Aug 31, 2022

If you’ve studied our guide to Irish slang phrases and insults enough, you should be able to ace this quiz. If you have not, good luck deciphering the funny and colorful Irish slang phrases and expressions we have laid out for you.

And if you’re keen to learn more about the way people speak in Ireland, check out our guide to Irish Gaelic.

Question 1 of 10

In Irish slang, "shifting someone" means:

Kissing someone with the tongue
Beating someone up
Lying to someone
Having sex with someone
Question 2 of 10

In Irish slang, a "yoke" is:

A beer
A loaf of bread
A guy
A thingy
Question 3 of 10

In Irish slang, "me mot" means:

My mom
My car
My girlfriend
My dog
Question 4 of 10

In Irish slang, a "culchie" is:

A person from Dublin
A person from the countryside
A good-looking person
A terrible-looking person
Question 5 of 10

In Irish slang, "she's going on the lash" means:

She's going to bed
She's going to hunt for a lover
She's going to get drunk
She's getting very angry
Question 6 of 10

In Northern Irish slang, "I'm foundered" means:

I'm drunk
I'm furious
I'm exhausted
I'm cold
Question 7 of 10

In Irish slang, "to score the face off someone" means:

To punch someone in the face
To kiss someone passionately
To humiliate someone in a mean way
To scold someone angrily
Question 8 of 10

In Irish slang, "he’s gone for his tea" means:

He's gone to sleep
He's gone to see his mom
He's dead
He's gone to get drunk at the pub
Question 9 of 10

In Irish slang, "she’s away with the fairies" means:

She's a bit mad
She's gone out with her girlfriends
She's high
She's sleeping soundly
Question 10 of 10

In Ireland, "getting the messages" means:

Getting the newspaper
Getting pregnant
Getting the groceries
Getting the mail
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