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As so many Americans have some trace of Irish heritage, pilgrimages to the motherland have become some of the most popular trips across the pond.

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Pictures of emerald green hills, sea stacks, and cozy pubs fill social media feeds, and while Ireland may not boast much tropical weather, somehow its silver skies still seem inviting. The best place to start is by checking out our guide to all the best pubs, restaurants, and museums in Dublin. Then from there, heading out to the photo-rich countryside.

You’ll also find loads of culture in Galway, Europe’s Capital of Culture in 2020. There are also all varieties of watersports – if you packed your wetsuit – from surfing to kitesurfing to trick wakeboarding. The Irish, they’re never ones to back down from a challenge. And of course you’ll find plenty to drink here, so let us guide you from the Guinness storehouse to some of the best whiskey distilleries in Ireland. And no, none of them is named Jameson.


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