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As so many Americans have some trace of Irish heritage, pilgrimages to the motherland have become some of the most popular trips across the pond.

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Pictures of emerald green hills, sea stacks, and cozy pubs fill social media feeds, and while Ireland may not boast much tropical weather, somehow its silver skies still seem inviting. The best place to start is by checking out our guide to all the best pubs, restaurants, and museums in Dublin. Then from there, heading out to the photo-rich countryside.

You’ll also find loads of culture in Galway, Europe’s Capital of Culture in 2020. There are also all varieties of watersports – if you packed your wetsuit – from surfing to kitesurfing to trick wakeboarding. The Irish, they’re never ones to back down from a challenge. And of course you’ll find plenty to drink here, so let us guide you from the Guinness storehouse to some of the best whiskey distilleries in Ireland. And no, none of them is named Jameson.

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Travelers Gareth Leonard and Courtney Scott had three parts to their mission. They wanted to hang with locals, hit up the best spots, and check out the way the food scenes are being reinvented in Belfast and Dublin. Little did they know, they’d also spend some time getting a friendly ol’ beatdown on the hurling pitch (all in good fun). As Gareth points out, Ireland is one of those countries you keep coming back to again and again. And this is due in part to the hospitality. Locals here make you feel like family. Dublin even has a program called The City of a Thousand Welcomes, where meetups with locals help travelers connect with authentic experiences and culture (other world cities, please take note). It’s also due to accessibility. As Gareth and Courtney found, in Ireland you can easily hit up two major cities and multiple road trips to smaller towns in one trip. From Howth on Dublin’s doorstep to the Giant’s Causeway on a road trip from Belfast, they were able to take in so many sites even on a short itinerary. The bars, cultural sites, and food spots in this video are just a sampling of what you’ll find when you visit Ireland.


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