Ireland is known for its stunning scenery, rugged coastline and being home to some of the friendliest people in the world. With a strong economy on the rise, if you are considering moving to Ireland, here are more things to look forward to.

1. Holiday homes on the coast such as this.

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2. Or if you are looking for a little more adventure, rent a lighthouse.

Photo: Adrian Pluskota/Shutterstock

3. Sunday afternoon strolls down the coast.

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4. Be ingrained in a Celtic culture.

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5. Living in the countryside an easy commute from Dublin.


6. The white sand beaches…

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7. And the moody coastal skies.

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8. For the outstanding universities.

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9. And the social life that goes with it.

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10. The world-class surf.

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11. And endless hiking options.

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12. The streets of Galway.

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13. Some of the best local produce in the world.

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14. One most iconic drives in the world, The Wild Atlantic Way.


15. To call this view: home.

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