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If You're in Dublin, Here's Where to Eat and Drink

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by Sofia J. Valls Jul 22, 2015

1. Fumbally

Mecca of the hipsterism that reigns in Dublin, Fumbally is also one of the Dubliners’ favourite places for brunch. Even if you don’t have a beard or you are not wearing fake Ray-Bans, you’ll still enjoy it and its nice staff and tasty menu will brightened your mood up after a Friday night full of excesses.

2. Dog house blues tea rooms, Howth

When visiting the famous coastal fishing village of Howth, don’t follow the hordes of tourists heading to the first pub they see. Instead, be bold and adventurous and stop by this place just next to the train station. Its decoration will give you a homey feeling while its organic stone oven pizzas will make you weak in the knees.

3. Bunsen

Bunsen is known to serve the best secret-recipe burger for only 10 euros (nope, it’s not the same as McDonald’s). What Dubliners love about this place is its simple and straight-forward menu: a business card with a few options. No need for fluff and frills, this place rocks because of its simplicity.

4. O’Donoghue’s

One of the most famous pubs in Dublin, O’Donoghue’s has been here forever and the owner welcomes the same customers since decades. What Dubliners love about this place is its atmosphere: Irish all in! Nothing to do with the kind of fake nonsense you’d find in Temple Bar pubs: just because they have a guy playing Galway Girl and they serve Guinness doesn’t make it Irish. This place is made unique by the rough, but sweet crowd who come to drink and socialize here.

5. Grand Social

Cheap beer, huge venue, and incredibly good music make this place awesome. If you like dancing like crazy in a place where nobody gives a sh*t about what you are wearing/doing, this is your call!

6. P Mac’s

Located in the heart of the Creative Quarter, this little pub is famous for its atmosphere. P Macs cannot be labelled and fit into one category since it’s a crazy, but beautiful mix of people and styles. Definitely a good place if you want to have an after-work pint with colleagues and flirt with old, long-haired musicians whose pick-up lines are summed up in “how you doin’, sunshine?”

7. Dylan Hotel

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This might be a posh option, but it’s definitely the place where classy Dubliners stop by for their weekend brunch. If sunny, seat outside and let the staff spoil you while the chill music and the ultra-white table clothes create a five-star atmosphere. The good thing about this place is that you don’t need to wear a tie or dress very smart to feel you belong there, everybody is welcome. Everything at Dylan is about the experience!

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