Photo: Parker Sheppard/TikTok

This Drone Footage of the Faroe Islands Shows the Awe-Inspiring Area in a Way You’ve Never Seen Before

Faroe Islands Photo + Video + Film Beaches and Islands
by Olivia Harden Jun 29, 2022

The Faroe Islands are a set of 18 volcanic-formed islands located between Norway and Iceland in the North Atlantic Ocean that are part of the Kingdom of Denmark. They’re famous for their striking, other-worldly appearance, but seeing the islands from the air is something totally different. Parker Sheppard, also known as the drone guy on TikTok, captured some incredible footage that will have you wishing you could grow wings (or at least be a professional drone pilot yourself).

@p_shep1 Exploring the edge of the world #fpvdrone #faroeislands #dronestagram ♬ Reflections on a Hero – Trevor Morris

The landscape is so awe-inspiring that it might even feel unattainable, with its massive stones, endless miles of greener and bounds of water. But this outdoor destination is perfect if you love to hike or ride bikes to get around, and it’s even possible to go island hopping by car on the Faroe Islands. If you’re interested in seeing the islands from up high like in Sheppard’s video, a helicopter tour is a common tourist activity. The Faroe Islands are pretty easy to travel through using its well-laid-out system of tunnels and causeways and getting to the Faroe Islands is pretty simple once you reach Europe. If you want to take in the landscape, ferries run from Iceland and Denmark. If you prefer to fly, nonstop flights regularly travel from Copenhagen, Paris, Reykjavik, Edinburgh, Oslo, and Bergen.

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