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This Map Shows Hilarious Literal Translations of Places in Denmark

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by Katie Scott Aiton May 3, 2018

There is no shortage of silly place names around the world. The UK is home to the town Bell End, in Argentina you can visit Moron, and French Polynesia has Disappointment Islands. It also turns out that, once translated into English, Denmark has some hilariously named villages and towns. Courtesy of a Reddit user here’s a comical map, displaying some of the best literal translations of Danish place names.

Danish translations

Photo: Reddit

Of course these destinations aren’t all the actual, contextual meaning of places in Denmark. For example, Copenhagen doesn’t really mean “buy a harbor,” it means merchant’s harbor — but that is the literal translation if you were to take every word at face value.

Some of the best names on the map include Dandruff Crazy, Frog’s Squad, Onion Big, Sperm, Squirrel Healthy, Bake a Cup, Beer Piece, Cheese Oath, and our personal favorite, Not Town.

We took to the back catalog here at Matador Network to bring you a few more international place names that need no translation in order to be hilarious. Anyone up for a road trip to Fucking, Austria?

1. Twatt, Orkney Islands, Scotland

Luckily for Twatts, their town is on the Orkney Islands, far away from the mainland and confrontational outsiders.

2. Whiskey Dick Mountain, Washington State, US

A man’s mountain if ever there was one.

3. Brown Willy, Cornwall, UK

The highest point in Cornwall at 1,378 feet above sea level, formerly known as Bronn Wennili, has been the topic of some controversy. Campaigners have called for a reversal of the title to the original name on the grounds that it would be more appealing to tourists, but many Cornish residents oppose the change.

4. Foggy Bottom, Washington DC, US

Where the headquarters of the Department of the Interior is located, naturally…

5. Catbrain, South Gloucestershire, UK

Located just outside of Bristol, England is the village of Catbrain. This unfortunate name is the result of its Middle English origin, “cattes brazen,” which was a description of the type of soil in the area.

6. Executive Committee Range, Mistake Peak, Dick Peaks, Nipple Peak, Mount Cocks, Mount Toogood, Queer Mountain, and Mount Slaughter — all in Antarctica

The great white north has inspired quite a few absurd names.

7. Boring, Oregon, US

Would you bring your kids up here? Seriously.

8. Sandy Balls, Hampshire, UK

Again we pity the children who have to reveal it as their parents’ chosen destination to fellow schoolmates.

9. Coolville, Ohio, US

Coolville, Ohio — a better option to start a family.

10. Dildo, Newfoundland, Canada

Apparently, the man who mapped out Newfoundland, Captain James Cook, had a knack for giving humorous and, in instances, offensive names to the towns he was tasked with.

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