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Whether traveling to surf, ski, kayak, climb, dive, bird watch, or whatever, the activity is only a small part of the trip. Matador Ambassador Chris Burkard spends a great deal of his time chasing waves to the remote corners of the earth, but the vast majority of that time is spent in transit, within a place and among its people.

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About The Author

Chris Burkard

At 26, Chris Burkard has accomplished a style and composition all his own, leaving many to instantly recognize a “Burkard Photo.” Chris currently serves as staff photographer for Surfer magazine in addition to freelancing for various international publications. Chris has created a coffee table book along with friend/co-author Eric Soderquist, "THE CALIFORNIA SURF PROJECT," and continues to travel the world seeking to experience the most remote, rugged and untouched destinations that exist.

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    • Pro Photo

      Killer! Congrats

    • Laura Mackin Rhodes

      Just beautiful, and very moved by your connection to people.

    • Eco-Ola

      So cool!

  • Sera Lindsey

    This is a phenomenal photo set. This is a reminder of how much I have to learn and see.

  • Wavecation

    Always amazing stuff Chris! The squid photo is my favorite!

  • Christian Costa

    tá ruim não….

  • Carlo Alcos

    Beautiful photos Chris. Would “majestic” be an appropriate word for the NZ landscape shot?

  • Scott Hartman

    Stunning, Chris… across the board, top to bottom, then back up again (which is how I went through these photos:)… took me back to many places… Thank you for putting them out there… Safe travels

  • Lourika Reinders

    Stunning stunning stunning! I love that you use lots of different technics! Very good job!

  • Green Global Travel

    Gorgeous! Such an amazing and diverse range of images! Beautiful!

It's a beautiful life on the far southern edge of the world.
As you read this, there are waves that are going unridden.
With the storm came the swell, pouring down the sand point at Snapper Rocks.
“The light of Greece opened my eyes, penetrated my pores, expanded my whole being.”
I'd rather be taking pictures of these waves than trying to ride them.
At night, sharks gathered at the back of the boat, making the evening dip ever so...
There is a mad and incredibly photogenic atmosphere in the old town of Varanasi.
The evening light was soft and almost dreamlike throughout the city.
My connection with Antarctica was deeper than I imagined.
Smartphone photography has become a full-blown global movement.
From life and death in the pit at Puerto, to Galapagos sharks, to the frigid waters of...
We expected to spend a few weeks here. We stayed a year and a half.
Break bread, drink chai, recline in the sand, and watch all of India pass you by.