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This gallery covers bridges built in over a dozen different countries, ranging in age from 2 to nearly 2,000 years old. Enjoy.

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Tereza Jarnikova

Tereza thinks a coffee pot, a wool sweater, and a bicycle are as good a start as any. She likes stories and northern latitudes. Her personal website is Send her your thoughts on any of this at tjarnik at gmail dot com.

  • Chitra Sivasankar Arunagiri

    Nice collection. My favourite is the Chengyang Bridge, in China.

  • Gerzayn Lazo

    always like your posts, keep it up! I think you should check out the women’s bridge of buenos aires, it deserves a spot on the list.

    • Jimena Nacht

      A 5 minutos de mi casa jaja

    • Gerzayn Lazo

      jaja agusto jime muy padre tu ciudad, espero ir este verano al fin a maito y conocer tus viejos rumbos, saludos!

  • JImenez Natalia


  • Bruce Kennedy

    Great read & photos.

  • Lynn Chou

    Fabulous photos! Only been to 4 of them so far…wanting to travel more!

  • Dimitris Gaitanidis

    Konitsara thesi 11 ston kosmo.

    • Elizabeth Karoutzos


    • Mpampis Highman Dnt

      etsi etsi

  • Filip Blue

    No 16. :)

  • Selma Dizdar

    Stari Most, Mostar, Bosna I Hercegovina <3… broj 16…. Veličanstven…

  • Sally Strange

    This is a wonderful article, a perfect read before slipping into dream land.

    • Anyelo Gonzalez Pratt

      Hi prima linda!…

    • Sally Strange

      Hola, mi primo!

  • Skywhale

    You forgot the bridges in Constantine, Algeria!

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