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Garrett McNamara breaks the world record for the largest wave ever surfed.

In the shadow of a mountain of water. Screenshot from ESPN

Big wave surfer Garrett McNamara stomps this 90-foot mega wave off the coast of Portugal. He and fellow big-wave surfers Al Mennie, and Andrew Cotton were surfing off Praia do Norte, and area known for monster waves. McNamara was set up for this one when it rolled in.

For some perspective, it was like surfing a nine-story building. The camera on the front of his board shows the wave cresting and falling toward McNamara like a fleet of dump-trucks. And, yet, he stays upright.

Feature video created by ESPN
Second video created by DHSPriory



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  • Audrey Bergner

    That looks terrifying! I thought he was going to wipe out for sure!

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