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Even though it’s the closest European country to the United States, Portugal was long overlooked as a tourism destination for pond-hopping Americans.

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Not anymore, though, as Lisbon has exploded as one of the culinary and architecture capitals of Europe, known as much for its exquisite seafood as its towering castles. And though the bars, restaurants, and historic sites of Lisbon are pretty great, travel to the south and you’ll find packed beaches in Algarve. Go north and you’ll find world-class wine country near Porto.

You’ll find experiences here like nowhere else in the world, whether it’s drinking tea brewed by a volcano in the Azores, or motorbiking through the windy roads of Madeira. There is something in Portugal for every type of traveler, and whether you’re into running with bulls or watching epic waves, you’ll find something in our pages to help you along the way.


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