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10 Go-To Bars in Helsinki

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by Dayana Aleksandrova Jan 22, 2017

Besides being the home of weird street art, steamy saunas and much-needed sisu that locals apply to deal with winter, Helsinki has some pretty sweet bars that will give you the best night out ever. If you’re up for a reindeer burger or a game of pool, I’ve got you covered. Check out my favorite 10 spots.

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1. A21 Helsinki Oy

 A21 Helsinki OyHelsinki, FinlandWhat I love most about this spot is the variety of cocktails which seems endless, since the mixologists take their craft very seriously and have even won awards. Go for the “Suomen Neito” made with Finnish berries and the “Sex in the Forest,” as they are both made with Nordic ingredients. If you prefer to go for something you know and love, get a gin and tonic, they’re delicious. #cocktails #casual

2. Cafe Mascot

 Café MascotHelsinki, FinlandThe best feature of Café Mascot is its personality (of which it has plenty). There are a ton of live shows as well as pool tables and board games, so really hanging out here is a full experience, not just a boring conversation or awkward first date over a beer. They do theme nights some of which are rap or reggae, so you’ll definitely stay entertained. #casual #dancing

3. Cafe Tin Tin Tango

 Cafe Tin Tin TangoHelsingfors, FinlandIf you’re in Helsinki for a few days and really have to do laundry but also really want a beer, look no further. This funky spot has a laundry machines so you can totally do your chores while getting a buzz on. It serves breakfast as well before it turns into a bar in the evening, so really, you can’t go wrong here. #free-wifi #casual #bar #laundry

4. Corona Baari & Biljardi

 Corona Baari & BiljardiHelsinki, FinlandIf you happen to be good at pool, being your crew over here and challenge them for a beer or traditional Finnish lonkku. May the best player win! #billiard #casual #food

5. Finnish National Theatre

 Finnish National TheatreHelsingfors, FinlandThis is the Finnish National Theater’s club. Perfect spot to catch some live jazz, indie or movie screenings and see up and coming artists and enthusiasts. #livemusic #casual #club

6. Ateljee Bar

 Ateljee BarHelsinki, FinlandIf you’re trying to sightsee but really just want to get your drink on, Ateljee is your spot. Located high up on the top of the Torni Hotel, it gives you an excellent view of the entire city, so you can sip on a glass of wine while configuring your camera settings for an epic panorama shot. #bar #view

7. Gastropub Stone’s

 Gastropub Stone’sHelsinki, FinlandAwesome burgers! This gastropub will totally spoil you with a long list of drinks and cozy atmosphere. Since you’re in Finland, try the reindeer burger. Make sure you don’t being any kids though, that may spoil the whole Christmas thing for them. #burgers #free-wifi #open-late

8. Erottajankatu

 ErottajankatuHelsinki, FinlandAh, good old karaoke – embarrassment for the entire family/ friend group. Do it here if you dare. Atmosphere is chill so even if you can’t sing, nobody will boo you. #karaoke #bar #casual

9. Ravintola Marian Helmi

 Ravintola Marian HelmiHelsinki, FinlandBeer lovers, rejoice! This bar has a huge selection of both local and international brews. If only one could set up a beer pong table…(feel free to take that idea and run with it). #beer #casual

10. Bryggeri Helsinki

 Bryggeri HelsinkiHelsingfors, FinlandIf you’re a foodie, you’re in for a treat. Bryggeri makes everything from scratch using raw, local ingredients, meaning everything from your beer to your slow-cooked elk entrecôte is as gourmet as they come. There are lots of vegetarian options for dinner as well. #beer #food #casual #free-wifi

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