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17 Must-Have Experiences in Budapest

Budapest Insider Guides
by Ash Merscher Dec 12, 2016

Budapest is one of those cities where boredom doesn’t exist. Here’s proof.

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Margaret Island

 Margaret IslandBudapest, HungaryBuda has its history and Pest its culture, but don’t forget about Margaret Island, nestled between the two on the mighty Danube, for its relaxed vibes. You could easily spend all day here enjoying lush gardens, Franciscan ruins, a mini zoo, a running track, yoga in the forest, or even a musical fountain covering all the classics (go at night for an awesome light show). You’re guaranteed to leave feeling refreshed with this reprieve from the city.
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Széchenyi Thermal Bath

 Széchenyi Thermal BathBudapest, HungaryIf you’re on the fence about indulging in one of Budapest’s thermal baths, forget your hesitations and, literally, take the plunge. With so many to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to start. A safe and enjoyable bet is the grandiose and relaxing Széchenyi Thermal Bath. It’s located within City Park, so you can easily pair a healing soak with a day of sightseeing. There are numerous pools, indoors and outdoors, where you can choose to soothe or shock (brave the ice bucket!). Morning, day, or even night, this is one cultural experience you will not regret.
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Gellért Hill

 Gellért HillBudapest, HungaryBudapest’s iconic look would not be the same without the prominence of Gellért Hill. It’s the perfect place for a quick hike and escape from the bustling city. The labyrinth of trails amongst towering trees will transport you to another world, gifting you an entirely different feeling of Budapest.
But if you truly need an incentive to stretch those gams, your reward includes stellar views at the top and the enormous liberty statue.
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Szimpla Kert Ruin Pubs

 Szimpla Kert Ruin PubsBudapest, HungaryBudapest is synonymous with ruin pubs, so no trip to the city is complete without a few visits. Explore the lot, but a great starting point is Szimpla Kert. It opens into the traditional scene, a deteriorated courtyard, small rooms on either side decorated with an assortment of quirky, vintage furnishings. Explore the upstairs too, and find your favorite, sure to be extremely unique, corner. Check the calendar, as many events take place here, including bike sales, vintage clothing markets, farmers markets, movie showings, and live music.
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Castle Hill

 Castle HillBudapest, HungaryBudapest’s Castle Hill is a traveler’s dream, an architectural mecca, a cultural hub. It’s truly a one-stop-shop that perfectly bundles up the city’s historical essence into one lovely stroll. Start at the Buda Castle and enter from its less-visited southern side. Walk its historical grounds and soak in the city views before sauntering towards Matthias Church and Fisherman’s Bastion, where the ‘ooh’s’ and ‘ahh’s’ won’t stop. Polish your promenade off with a loop around the residential area for even more expansive views into the Buda side of the city.
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Hero’s Square

 Heroes’ SquareBudapest, HungaryHeroes’ Square is located at the end of Budapest’s famous Andrassy Avenue. It features a grandiose colonnade introducing you to Hungary’s most beloved: kings, chieftains, national heroes. It’s impressive in stature, but even more so in meaning. Plus, it acts as a gateway to the beautiful and culturally rich City Park.
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Dohány Street Synagogue

 Dohány Street SynagogueBudapest, HungaryBudapest is home to Europe’s largest synagogue – second largest in the world – and it’s definitely worth a visit. You’ll be instantly impressed with its grand exterior, complete with two onion domes, but wait until you step inside. It also houses the Hungarian Jewish Museum, which has several different collections including one about the Holocaust.
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Budavári Sikló

 Budavári SiklóBudapest, HungaryBudapest is a city for walkers, but if your feet tire on the way to Castle Hill, opt for the historic funicular. It started carrying passengers up the hill in 1870, so step back in time and enjoy your ride in either the Margit or the Gellért car. If the long queues deter you, buy a single ride and stretch your legs on the way down.
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Hungarian National Museum

 Hungarian National MuseumBudapest, HungaryIt’s not uncommon to be instantly charmed by Budapest, so to learn more about this country’s unique history, visit a museum. There are many from which to choose, but a great starting point is the Hungarian National Museum. As the largest museum in Hungary, there’s much to see. You will walk away with a complete view of the complicated and tumultuous, yet prideful and hopeful history, and with a better understanding of the people.
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Fisherman’s Bastion

 Fisherman’s BastionBudapest, HungaryFisherman’s Bastion sits atop the already adored Castle Hill, but it deserves attention of its own. Its seven dominate turrets pay homage to the original tribes that founded the city over a millennium ago, and it offers some of the best views of Budapest. It’s the top spot to catch the sunset, and to witness how the city comes alive at night.
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Széchenyi Chain Bridge

 Széchenyi Chain BridgeBudapest, HungaryNo visit to Budapest is complete without at least two strolls across one of its bridges, the most famous being the Chain Bridge. I say two because you don’t want to miss the view upstream (of the Hungarian Parliament building) nor the one downstream (of both Castle and Gellért hills). And, the architecture itself is worth the walk.
Tip: Make it four times and go at night when the Pearl of the Danube truly sparkles. You may even find some locals sitting up on the bridge drinking beer or wine. Feel free to partake as cars whiz by and boats churn below. #casual #statue #free #history

Matthias Church

 Matthias ChurchBudapest, HungaryThis may be the most unique church in Budapest, situated as one of Castle Hill’s dominate focal points. You may be surprised when you enter, as its interior decor doesn’t resemble typical European Roman Catholic churches. Instead, its walls are drenched in a mix of colorful patterns representing a range of cultures and styles. Every column, corner, nook, and cranny has its own individual pattern. At every turn the scene is different, and you may never want to leave.
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Vajdahunyad Castle

 Vajdahunyad CastleBudapest, HungaryIn 1896 Budapest celebrated its millennial with the construction and adornment of several buildings throughout the city, Vajdahunyad Castle being one of them. It uniquely features four different architecture styles while paying homage to several famous buildings in Hungary. Pair it with a stroll through the sightseeing hub of City Park and you’ve got yourself a perfect afternoon.
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Hungarian State Opera

 Hungarian State OperaBudapest, HungaryIf you’ve ever dreamed of going to the opera in Europe, try it in Budapest. You can snag seats for just a few bucks while maintaining that fancy vibe. The building itself is worth a visit with its shimmering gold and royal red hues, but the performances are top notch as well. If you can’t sit through an entire show, try a guided tour with a mini performance instead!
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 BazilikaBudapest, HungarySt. Stephen’s Basilica is one of Budapest’s most beloved structures, named for the nation’s first king. (It even houses the king’s right hand – no joke.) Its impressive stature cannot be beat, as it looms over all other buildings (except the Parliament, its symbolic vertical equal) at 96 meters tall. Admire its facade, wander through the sanctuary, and don’t forget to look up.
Tip: Brave the 364 stairs for a 360 degree view of the grandiose city.
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Central Market Hall

 Central Market HallBudapest, HungaryYour Hungarian gastronomy needs can be met in a single stop: the Central Market Hall. Pick up some fresh fruits, cheeses, breads, and sausages for the perfect picnic. Like your food hot? The top floor has you covered, featuring classics like lángos and gulyás. And don’t forget to stash away paprika and other unique souvenirs – like hand painted eggs and Hungarian lace – for the haul home.
Tip: Don’t neglect the basement where you can find fish and pickled everything. It may not be the most delightful assortment of smells, but it will certainly enhance your cultural experience!
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Hungarian Parliament Building

 Hungarian Parliament BuildingBudapest, HungaryAs arguably the most majestic building in Budapest, the Parliament tops the list of must-sees. The Neo-Gothic architecture steals the show, but the ornate red-carpeted interior is just as jaw dropping. Scope it out during the day but don’t miss it at night, when it truly glows.
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