Ash Merscher was raised in the rural corners of the Pacific Northwest, US. Her hometown shares a water border with Canada and sits nestled at the foot of a national park, boasting everything from mountain peaks to temperate rainforests to ocean surf. Her upbringing instilled a sense of wander and appreciation for the world. Ash's first trip to another continent was an opportunity to study at the National University of Ireland in Galway which gave her the itch to travel even more. Soon she found herself with a suitcase and plane ticket in hand, ready to try her luck in Budapest, Hungary teaching English to the craziest (and most adorable) group of first and second graders. She currently resides there with her partner, Dan, and cat, Cleo. Every chance she gets, Ash explores her new home and its surrounding region. When not teaching and traveling, she enjoys writing, photography, the hunt for the perfect cup of coffee, and eating lots and lots of cake.