1. When you manage to roll your R’s:

2. When you find out Spain has the most bars in Europe:

3. When you aren’t used to physical contact as part of casual conversation:

(Pro tip: In Spain, it’s common to stand very close, gesticulate, and pat each other on the shoulder when conversing.)

4. When you ask for a beach that isn’t overcrowded:

5. When you ask for the paella recipe:

(Pro tip: Paella is the iconic rice dish from Valencia — if we explained how to make it, you probably wouldn’t understand.)

6. When you get to talk to the Flamenco dancers and musicians:

7. When you realize that bullfighting is forbidden in Catalonia:

(Pro tip: Corridas de toros occur all over Spain except in the region around Barcelona.)

8. When someone tells you about Gaudí:

9. When you have a sangria hangover:

(Pro tip: Sangria is a delicious fruity wine that you can’t stop drinking, and that you’ll almost always regret the next morning.)

10. When it’s siesta time!

11. When you learn that “de puta madre” means “very good”:

(Pro tip: Puta means “whore,” and madre means “mother,” but this phrase somehow expresses admiration. Don’t confuse it with “tu puta madre,” which is really offensive.)

12. When you taste Jamón Serrano:

13. When you discover how many music festivals happen year-round:

14. When you look at the unemployment statistics:

15. When you tell a Catalan or a Galician that their languages are just dialects:

(Pro tip: In Spain there’s one official national language, Spanish, and three more official languages depending on the region.)

16. When you’re dining on pintxos in Euskadi:

(Pro tip: Pintxos are small portions of sophisticated food in Basque Country.)

17. When you hear someone speaking Euskera:

(Pro tip: Euskera, or Basque, is the language spoken in the Basque Country and Navarra. It is considered to be the oldest language in Europe.)

18. When you get hooked on the ‘interesting’ nightlife in Madrid:

19. When you get tapas with every caña!

(Pro tip: Every beer comes with a small portion of food, especially in southern Spain.)

20. When you see drunk tourists running with the bulls at Sanfermines: