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8 of the Best Nightlife Spots in Munich

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by Dayana Aleksandrova Jan 17, 2017

Munich is one of Germany’s trendiest cities. Regardless of whether you’re into hip-hop, hipster vibes or alternative, there’s a place on this list for you. All of these spots and more can be found on Matador Network’s new travelstoke app. Check it out and create some trip planning lists of your own.


 BACKSTAGE Kultur- und VeranstaltungszentrumMünchen, GermanyThe best thing about this spot is it’s diversity – you’ll see heavy metal dudes, reggae fans, electronic music lovers and emos all in the same place. Unlike the majority of nightclubs in Munich which are very trendy and posh, this place is super unpretentious and a great alternative to the established nightlife scene. To me, it’s like the Munich version of our beloved Razzmatazz in Barcelona. Definitely worth visiting. #casual #dancing #club

2. Harry Klein

 Harry KleinMünchen, GermanyIt’s true that good things come in minimal packages – get it? This club’s a favorite spot for all lovers of minimal and it’s small size fits perfectly with the music style. #casual #dancing #mininal

3. Munich MMA

 Munich MMAMünchen, GermanyThis old-warehouse-turned-party-hub spot is great for when you’re in the mood for electronic music and fun, casual atmosphere. #casual #dancing #club

4. Milla

 MillaMünchen, GermanyMilla’s vibe is totally underground. You’ll hear rock, indie, jazz, hip hop and more. Can’t go wrong with that one. #club #dancing

5. Glockenbachviertel

 GlockenbachviertelMünchen, GermanyIf you somehow manage to pronounce this tongue twister of a word in the cab and make your way over, you’re in for a treat. This area of the city is lined up by bars on either side so you can pick on the fly according to your mood. #bar #nightlife #casual

6. Nv

 NvMünchen, GermanyDope hookah bar. The owners are Turkish (who prepare the hookah) and Greek. That’s how you know it’s good stuff. Great music and live DJ performances on the weekend. It’s a good idea to dress up and order one of their delicious mojitos while you’re at it. #dancing #club

7. Crux

 CruxMünchen, GermanyOne of the clubs locals flock to on the weekend mainly for hip hop music. Electro is also on the playlist. This place is fairly small and won’t get you overwhelmed so just kick back and enjoy. #dancing #club

8. Muffatwerk

 MuffatwerkMünchen, GermanyRight by the river, this club has a good balance of electronic music and live performances. I’d say dress up a little as the crowd is predominantly trendy. #dancing #club

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