Don't Sue Airlines for Your Own Dumb Mistakes

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by Katka Lapelosová Jun 26, 2014

I KNOW SOME PEOPLE like to travel spontaneously, and not plan anything at all, but there are times when a little trip planning really is necessary. For example, when booking flights. If there is a specific destination you want to visit, it’s important to make sure you know what airport you are landing in, as well as how to spell it. Apparently, that information was nonexistent for Edward Gamson, who thought he was going to Granada, Spain — but ended up on the island of Grenada instead.

Now he is suing British Airways for the cockup, because the airline won’t refund his $4,500 First Class tickets, claiming that the mistake was made by the booking agents. While that may be true, British Airways really isn’t to blame. Gamson had a million opportunities to figure out where the hell he was going, before realizing he was en route to the wrong country.

Even if I’m completely exhausted, anxious, or running late, I can easily identify where in the world I’m going after checking into my flight, glancing at the gate screen while waiting to board, or hearing the announcement by the crew, before the flight has even taken off, that it will take nine hours to reach my final destination.

Maybe this was his first time out of the country, but I would hope Gamson could deduce that a flight from London, to Spain, would be a lot shorter than the trip he took to get from the USA to Europe. Not to mention, who pays for first class tickets for what would have been a two hour flight? It’s not even enough time to enjoy the complimentary champagne.


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