RUMORS OF BURGER KING’S new all-black burger definitely piqued my interest, but also grossed me out. It’s probably good that it’s only available in Japan, as I would not want to be tempted to try it. Called the Kuro Pearl (kuro is Japanese for “black”), the ingredients are as follows: black pepper beef patty covered with an onion and soy sauce mixed with squid ink, black cheese, and buns colored with bamboo charcoal (an alternative version exists with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and mayonnaise, but I can’t imagine it enhances the original item).

I’m happy to know that most people are not fooled by fast-food photography enhancements, which make the sandwich look like this:

Because in reality, it looks like this:

Photo via enigmaticjared

And this:

Photo via ly_sim_

Maybe it tastes good, but with all of the amazing eats Japan already has to offer, I hope most people are trying these burgers as a gimmick. Will you be eating one on your next trip to Japan?