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How Mexican Culture Is Viewed by Mexicans Versus Gringos

by Rulo Luna Ramos Dec 22, 2014

Mexicans: The party’s over. Everybody needs to go home…now!
Gringos: Mexico’s greatest national symbol.


Mexicans: A small city on the US border, known for its unruly nature and because it has donkeys disguised as zebras.
Gringos: One of Mexico’s major cities. Other contenders are Mexico City, Acapulco, Cancún, and Puerto Vallarta.


Mexicans: The Caribbean!
Gringos: Mexico!

Cinco de Mayo

Mexicans: We commemorate some battle…in Puebla…against some unfriendly dudes.
Gringos: Mexican Independence Day!


Mexicans: Steamed meat. The perfect remedy for your hangover.
Gringos: Barbecue. Still good for the hangover.


Mexicans: Our continent. Football team, loved by a few and hated by everyone else.
Gringos: The US

Mexican Cinema

Mexicans: Pedro Infante, Cantinflas, María Félix, Guillermo del Toro, the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema…
Gringos: Y Tu Mamá También!

Chilli con carne

Mexicans: Say what?
Gringos: The national dish of Mexico


Mexicans: The worst part of Mexican rock
Gringos: The worst part of Mexican rock


Mexicans: The necessary companion of every Mexican meal. It’s also good to prepare aguas frescas, to enhance the power of your everyday tea, and keeps your clothes clean, your dog in good health, your hair looking good, and the flies away from home. It’s the best antiseptic, cures liver disease, reduces skin rash, and is the quintessential ingredient of every michelada.
Gringos: Better known as lime. You bought a pack at Trader Joe’s last winter and left them until they all turned brown.


Mexicans: Every table’s centerpiece. Located between the salt, napkins, and limes.
Gringos: Tomato sauce.


Mexicans: White bread.
Gringos: Good-looking girl, not very bright.


Mexicans: Ubiquitous side dish.
Gringos: You mean you really eat cacti in Mexico?

El Coco

Mexicans: Creature of mysterious origin whose main goal is solving the typical fights over bedtime with children…by eating them.
Gringos: Coconuts, great with vodka!


Mexicans: Your last resort. You only drink it when there’s nothing else in your fridge, it’s the middle of the night, and there’s not a single convenience store for miles around you.
Gringos: Authentic Mexican beer to be served with lime.

A la mexicana” / “Mexican style”

Mexicans: With tomato, chili, and onion.
Gringos: Somebody with a sombrero, serape, and maracas.


Mexicans: Orejas, conchas, moños, chilindrinas, cocoles, hojaldras, besos, polvorones, bigotes, cuernos, panques, trenzas, pan de muerto, donuts, pies, and cakes.
Gringos: Organ meat


Mexicans: So cheap and so fresh!
Gringos: So…organic and so expensive!

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