Spain's Raddest Days for Music Are Coming Up. Here's How to Survive FIB Benicàssim and Low Festival.

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by Alba Araújo Jul 17, 2015

1. Pack your sunglasses.

Sunglasses are a must when attending any Spanish festival. Not only will they allow you to spot your favorite musicians’ faces during afternoon concerts, but they will also be very useful as a sleeping mask. After a long night of concerts, they will help you get some sleep inside your tent.

Thank you wonderful girls for an amazing week in #Barcelona! #Sonar #SonarFestival #BFFs #Vacation #Summer

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2. Don’t forget your swimsuit!

Both festivals take place by the sea, so don’t forget your swimsuit, towel and sunscreen. You’ll get tanned while socializing and improving your impressive beach tennis technique.

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3. Learn how to communicate through your body.

We Spanish people are definitely not famous for mastering the English language; we prefer to communicate with the international language of gesturing. It’s much easier to learn and it doesn’t require expensive courses abroad. So don’t worry if you’ve left your Spanish dictionary at home because we will definitely manage to communicate.

….because my Spanish sucks 🙈😫😂 #spanish #helpme #brainhurts #spanishgrammar #bookporn #books #gome #youcandoit

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4. Leave your flip-flops in your tent.

Spaniards are very passionate and they totally get into concerts. If each and every one of your toes is to get back home in a good condition, sneakers are strongly recommended.

Momento en el que te sientas a descansar, te quitas algunas flores de la cabeza y te das cuenta de que el FIB se habrá acabado en pocas horas. #FIB #fiberfib #flowers #lloro

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5. Don’t be scared if people yell at you and want to hug you.

Spanish people are reputed to be loud. If you happen to feel that and then to also receive a strangely large amount of hugs, don’t panic, it’s just a sign that you’ve made a new friend. We love socializing at concerts, so you might even get an invite to visit Spain again. You might get free accommodation next year!

I still can’t get over #sonarfestival

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6. Don’t worry if you can’t understand the lyrics.

Forget all those clichés about Spanish music. There are also amazing bands and wide range of styles. Not understanding the lyrics should not be a problem. Just do like we do: hum the songs or improvise your own language to sing along. Having fun is what you really came for.


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7. Wear your festival wristband until it falls apart.

It’s like a badge of honor that proves to your friends that you’ve got through your first Spanish festival. Also, it will help you cope with your post-vacation blues; staring at your decaying wristband will remind you of the blast you had while in our country.

#fib here we go

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8. Get experimental with clothes.

This is a good chance to show off all those outrageous (but fun!) outfits you don’t usually dare to wear. No one knows who you are, you’re completely free!

9. Don’t leave when the festival is over.

The time has finally come, and your festival comes to an end. Not to worry: there’s always partying to be done in any nearby town. There’s always something to celebrate here!

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