The Ultimate Global Tipping Cheat Sheet

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by Katka Lapelosová Aug 9, 2014

ONE OF THE most common questions I get when people ask me to help them plan a trip, is how much to tip in a certain country. When I was in Oslo, my waitress told me that tipping is definitely expected in Norway. But while living in Prague, we weren’t expected to leave a dedicated tip, just round up to the nearest koruna. I think the most important thing to remember, is that tipping is not universal by continent — nor is it universal within the country as well.

I like this infographic because I feel like it’s really comprehensive, and provides enough information without seeming overwhelming. While I don’t think I’ll ever be the kind of person to not leave a tip, at least I can ask questions to locals in the countries I’m skeptical about, to avoid embarrassment in places like Japan.

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