Freelance writer and travel wellness magazine editor Alexa Nota empowers readers to create their own adventures and take action in creating a healthier, happier world. As an enthusiastic advocate of balance and sustainability, she loves to show travelers how to find and enjoy those once-in-a-lifetime experiences without sacrificing their health and the wellness of the ecosystems and cultures they visit. Always up for trying (almost) anything once, she immerses herself in the quirks and prizes of a place to uncover those special things found in only a single corner of the world. Right now that corner is Hatteras Island where she’s based while taking steps toward fulltime travel by way of a tiny house RV. When she isn’t traveling or writing from the seat of a cafe, you can find Alexa walking the beach with her husband, balancing workouts with cheese plates, and making her path a little greener all along the way. Follow her footsteps in Travel Well Magazine.