Brynn Utela bit her teeth on traveling as a twenty-year-old (temporary) university drop-out, alone and with her backpack for three months in Thailand and Laos. Since then, she has traveled to over sixty countries, and returned thrice more to Thailand, counting Thailand, Mexico, Palestine, Ghana, Portugal, and Sweden amongst the countries she has been lucky enough to call home for work or education. Brynn worked in the international volunteer industry on three continents, taught English and abbled in journalism in the Middle East, studied abroad in two countries while completing her undergraduate and graduate degrees, and currently teaches Language Arts and Drama at a public high school in Washington State. Aside from reading, writing, and traveling, Brynn is most often found hiking or snowboarding in the mountains, fingers deep in the garden, or happily barefoot in the kitchen, cooking, baking, and creating tinctures and decoctions out of collected herbs, flowers, and fungi. You can read about Brynn's experiments with sustainability at