Erin Conway-Smith

Erin Conway-Smith is GlobalPost's Senior Correspondent for Southern Africa, based in Johannesburg. She previously lived in Beijing where she was founding editor of Asia Weekly, an award-winning current affairs magazine. Erin has also reported for The Globe and Mail, Foreign Policy, The Daily Telegraph, The Economist, International Herald Tribune, CBC Radio and Maclean's magazine. Under her editorship, Asia Weekly received an excellence award at the Asian Publishing Awards in Singapore. Erin also won a Hong Kong reporting fellowship from the Canadian Association of Journalists. She was shortlisted for Journalist of the Year at the 2011 Diageo Africa Business Reporting Awards. Erin was born and raised in Thunder Bay, Canada and studied at the University of Western Ontario. She has a master's degree in journalism from Carleton University in Ottawa. Follow her on Twitter: @ejcs.

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