Kate Sedgwick

Editor-at-large, Kate Sedgwick, works from Buenos Aires where she organizes her live storytelling project, Second Story Buenos Aires. Read more about her than you might want to know at her blog YesThereIsSuchAThingAsAStupidQuestion.com, and follow her infrequent tweets @KateSedgwick.

Beating ‘Licensed to Ill’ to shards with a hammer

The adult realization of “My Humps”

1-dad, 2-kid Depeche Mode cover band rocks [VID]

SXSW is a bum deal for performers

21 podcasts to check out

Reddit will go offline to protest SOPA

US State Department to fund comedy tour in India

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Louis CK gives $280,000 from his DIY special to charity

Music as a political act: Cree musician Sandy Scofield

English standup comedy in Buenos Aires: GrinGo!

Gay Pride Buenos Aires 2011

Totally mesmerizing bird flock buzzes canoeists [VID]

Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre horror film festival underway

The expat dilemma

Pollerapantalón: Ska-funk-klezmer-jazz-rock in Buenos Aires

Beyond finches: Bird life in the Galápagos

Mass shark slaughters in Pacific waters call for action

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