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by Carlo Alcos Apr 11, 2011

BNT: We are a culture that is geared towards goals, to seeing end results. I’ve come to realize–and from what you say in the film you also realize–that the process is the goal. It’s ongoing, it doesn’t end. How important is it for people to understand this?

The process is the goal; the juice, in my experience. Really having clear hindsight on it, the making of this film really was the spiritual path for me. It was tough at times. The way I acted and reacted and the challenges that came up was a huge blessing for me not to mention an unflinching mirror. Keep in mind I would not have said this during the process. It was there in the edit everyday for me to look at, absorb, and to work through ego issues. No day at the beach.

Jonas and Mara

Jonas with girlfriend, Mara

This is where the fear really kicked in for me and I had to learn how to work with it and eventually let it go. There are parts in Wake Up that are challenging to this day to look at but it is real and I feel strongly the rawness of the film is what really hits a nerve with the audience. Also we stayed open to the let the viewers make up their mind.

We never come out and say this is the way, this is the path, the path is the process, etc. Our audience is smart and they always bring up something new for us to consider. It has been an incredibly symbiotic process. So yeah, to paraphrase — and this is how I try to live my life — it’s about the process, not the end result and there are no shortcuts.

BNT: In light of the current events happening in Japan, I am curious to know…have you had any visions or seen anything energetically related to the disaster?

The short answer is no. I feel things but I am limited and of course you don’t have to be a mystic or whatever to feel it. There is a lot of fear going on right now and it is incredibly uncomfortable for a lot of people. I try to do my part and stay grounded, work with source, and pray.

BNT: Are you still seeing the visions with the same frequency and intensity as when they started?

It fluctuates. I have been doing a good bit of traveling, promoting Wake Up. When I am around people that have honed their abilities it seems to crank up mine. Kind of like a domino effect. I was just on tour in Arizona and met a lot of people who work with these abilities. During those times I can say yes I was much more sensitive and aware. This ability has an ebb and flow to it.
Sometimes it is sharp and others quite dull.

Archery at Ramtha's School of Enlightenment

Archery at Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment

I have to say that I don’t have visions like I used to; occasionally something will come through but it is few and far between. To be honest it is not something I romanticize or even miss. I never had visions of young Timmy catching the winning pass in a football game or Johnny winning the lottery.

As far as the sight/hearing thing, yeah that’s still pretty frequent and as odd as this may sound I’m pretty used to it, but don’t get me wrong, I still get surprised quite a bit. My girlfriend not so much. I would say she’s more used to it now than I am.

BNT: What’s next for you? Are you still searching? Is there any way we can keep up to date with how you’re doing?

I feel satisfied and blessed by the answers I received while making Wake Up. I am no longer searching for “why me” and I may never know, but I am at peace with that. What I am interested in now is the big clean up, working on myself, trying to go deeper with source. I know that these worlds are real, regardless of what religion or science want to call them. I understand that we survive death and I understand we are one consciousness.

I tend to think of life as one giant swimming pool that we are all in, connected, one thing. I am working on cleaning up so I am not the knucklehead in the corner peeing in it. In short my message it would be this: Don’t pee in the pool.

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