Is It Safe For Women To Camp Alone?

by Christine DeSadeleer Jul 20, 2009
They say there is nothing to fear except fear itself. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case.

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I’m about to take off to Nevada, wind my way up Hwy 80 to Jackson Hole, and then back down 80 to Denver.

I’m using to make travel cheaper and to meet people along the way, but I’m also drawn to camping out in the beautiful west.

Yet, I will admit to having quite a bit of fear come up for me when I think about camping alone.

I want to be the type who forges ahead, knowing it will all work out perfectly. And the weird thing is, if there was at least one other woman coming along, I’d be fine. But there is something about being a woman alone that makes me feel like a target.

I’ve thought about getting pepper spray or mace, and there is part of me that knows this type of camping is simply a challenge. More than likely, after a few nights of camping bliss, I’ll feel totally comfortable. Yet I can also imagine many sleepless nights, or being woken up every 15 minutes by any sound made outside my tent.

Tips and Considerations

The Complete Safety Guide For Women Camping Alone has some good, common-sense tips, such as let the ranger know you are alone, and camp near a large family. Women Camping Alone – Safety Advice also notes the age-old advice to consistently keep in touch with someone back home.

Interestingly, though, as I was writing this piece, Matador Trips Editor Carlo Alcos posted the piece We’re not invincible. In it he discusses the recent brutal attack on a solo male Canadian backpacker traveling in Australia.

Maybe the safety issue isn’t just about women.

Do you think it is safe for women to camp alone? Share your thoughts below.

Community Connection

This issue isn’t just for women camping in the United States. Read 7 Must-Know Personal Safety Tips For Solo Women Travelers to get a head start on traveling alone anywhere in the world, and how to hit the pubs as a solo female in The Gutsy Girl’s Guide To Drinking Alone.

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