Netflix Wants to Pay Travelers $2000 a Week to Post Things on Instagram

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by Matt Hershberger Mar 3, 2016

IT’S EVERY TRAVELER’S DREAM: to travel and get paid to post cool pictures on Instagram. It’s a real thing, now: Netflix is offering travelers $2000 a week (plus travel expenses) to travel to the sets of movies and shows and to take pictures to go up on Instagram. Each session is 2 weeks long, and the current session is headed towards Europe and the Middle East.

If you want to apply for the job, simply do the following:

  • Follow Netflix on Instagram.
  • Hashtag your top 3 photos on Instagram with #grammasters3 by March 6, 2016.
  • Check out the fine print here. They’re accepting 25 people, and winners will be notified by March 11th.

Via Netflix

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