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Please Pass the Yoga Mat (and Antacids): Holiday Survival Techniques

by Christine DeSadeleer Nov 27, 2009
Don’t leave that pocket yoga guide – or more importantly, your breath – at home.

So you survived, and possibly even thrived, Thanksgiving with your family or friends.

Nobody got hit in the face with a ham/turkey/tofurkey/turduken, got raging drunk and spoke of Uncle Harold’s penchant for wearing women’s pantyhose, or swallowed a bottle-cap and was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery in the middle of the night. Well done.

But alas, it is day two of the Thanksgiving holiday, and everyone is beginning to wear on your nerves.

Or, if you got out of dodge already, there’s that whole other holiday coming up in less than a month that will pit you against airports, traffic, and your crazy Aunt Glady (yeah, that’s a shout out to my favorite holiday movie, Home for the Holidays).

Luckily for us, there is a whole slew of new ways to keep our calm during the holidays. Well, not really new – more like repackaged. Nonetheless, the following suggestions can certainly help you to arrive on the other side of this madness-we-call-celebration relatively psychologically unscathed.

Yoga, Zen, and Hangovers

Yoga has certainly made it to the masses, when even Fox News reports on an airport parking shuttle service that teaches the ancient calming ritual on its rides to the airport. Yes, a parking shuttle service. No, you can’t do standing poses. At least I’m assuming not.

Spiritual Zen gives some tips on how to avoid family drama during the holidays, including pre-planning about how to deal with uncomfortable situations, doing your best to put on that understanding cap and leave your need-to-be-understood-ego at the door, and my favorite – straight up avoiding them.

Nothing makes me hate my family, or anyone else really, more than a nice, crippling hangover. Yes, the holidays are about overindulging, but too much of that attitude certainly comes back to bite you in the derriere.

Right now, or every pathetically useless weekend afternoon from here until New Years, it’s worth contemplating a mini-cleanse.

So right now, or every Friday, Saturday, or Sunday pathetically useless afternoon from here until New Years, it’s worth contemplating a mini-cleanse. Dr. Mao gives some easy tips, such as walking, drinking herbal teas, and my everyday favorite, good for both digestion and rehydration: sipping on some Apple Cider Vinegar (it really is tasty).

Last but certainly not least, there is something that can help with the travel annoyances, the family drama, and the almost-alcohol poisoning…wait for it…ah yes, meditation. Luckily, we’ve already compiled 20 Basic, Fun, Sexy Resources For Beginning Meditators, so you don’t even have to try and do a Google search in your dazed and confused state.

Happy Holidays!

What are some other tips for surviving the holidays? Share your thoughts below!

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