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The First Timer's Guide to Seeing a Psychic

by Christine DeSadeleer Jul 13, 2009
Leave your preconceptions at the door and take a ride on the higher-consciousness train.

Ever pondered what the future has in store for you?

Sure you have. Everyone has.

But, not everyone has been to a psychic. For some people, they may have not had the opportunity to see a real psychic (or intuitive, as I like to call them).

For others, the idea of someone actually being able to tell the future is bull shit. Then there are those who fall in between, and this guide is for you.

I feel it’s important to note that to me, seeing a psychic is more about finding out what is happening for you on an energetic level than anything else. I don’t necessarily believe any person can tell you what your future holds, because there are endless possibilities. What actually happens depends on the choices that you make.

But while most of us can easily tap into what is happening for us physically, mentally, and to some extent, emotionally, quite a few of us don’t understand what is going on with what is sometimes described as our aura, or qi. And this is where an intuitive can shed light that helps you in making decisions about your future.

Here are five ways to make your first time seeing a psychic…ahem, intuitive, a success.

1. Get a recommendation.

I’ve only had the pleasure of seeing one “psychic” who I thought was recommended to me, but actually wasn’t. Turned out the other woman who worked at the “parlor” was the one I was supposed to see.

Anyway, this woman was awful. And although she “read” my palms and got a couple of things right, as soon as she said I was going to be married and have two kids (code for: ‘this is what I tell everyone’), I thought, “WRONG! I’m outta here.”

Trust me, it is best to see someone who at least two people you know really well, or at least 25 people on Yelp!, would lay their lives down for. This means no random woman on the street when you are in Thailand and have an extra $5, because when she is completely off base, you’ll deem every intuitive a fraud. No need to waste your time or money.

2. Go in with an open mind.

If you are set on not believing what the intuitive is going to say, again, you might as well not waste your time and money by going to see them. It is a much more enjoyable experience if you actually think they may have some good advice to give you.

And if you follow rule number one, than you pretty much have a guarantee that they will give you at least one or two juicy little tidbits.

3. Refrain from asking questions about your future.

‘What?’ you ask. ‘Why?’ you demand. “Isn’t that the whole point of seeing a psy…I mean, intuitive?”

Apparently, you aren’t reading carefully. Ok, you caught yourself on the whole psychic/intuitive thing, so I will give you credit there. But as I mentioned before, seeing an intuitive is mostly about finding out what is going on for you energetically.

And honestly, you can get into some sticky places if you ask specifics about your future. A friend had an intuitive tell her that her dad was going to die within a year or two, which actually made sense since he was a walking-heart-attack-waiting-to-happen.

My friend freaked out and ended up living with her parents again due to this and several other circumstances. Although he had some health scares, he is still alive four years later.

I think intuitives can be of great help in seeing what is happening with different issues in your life. I also think they are horrible at timelines and accuracy of the future (not through any fault of their own–again, things happen due to the choices we make).

4. Be up front with the intuitive about what you want to hear and what you don’t.

Personally, one of the most helpful things that came from meeting a great intuitive was digging deeply into some childhood stuff.

All the pieces fell into place and I thought, “Oh, now I get it…”

This was the very same stuff that it had taken me three years of therapy to simply to scratch the surface. All the pieces fell into place and I thought, “Oh, now I get it…”

But we were dancing around an area I wasn’t quite ready to face, so I told her I didn’t want to go there. She had already “read” that I wasn’t ready to touch the subject, but it was still good for my own sake to assert myself and boundaries. Do what is right for you at the moment.

5. Work with someone more than once.

Just the same as a doctor, therapist, or tattoo artist, when you find an intuitive you connect with, stick with them for a while. It’s not that you need to see them weekly or anything – I find that every six months to a year, or as I’m encountering a big life change, is plenty – but you get to build on what you’ve already discussed, and “dig a little deeper” each time you go in.

That can end up being 20 times as emotionally rewarding as cranking up that visualization CD when you go to bed every night (not that Deepak doesn’t have his place). It feels a bit like hypnotherapy on crack.

Right before leaving for my current trip, I went to see the woman I call when I need a little guidance. She helped me to take a look at some of the stuff that I was trying my damndest to ignore concerning my travels.

Just remember, sometimes awareness sure can muck things up.

Do you have any recommendations about seeing a psychic for the first time? Share your thoughts below.

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