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15 Outrageous Items BP Could Have Bought With the Money They Lost

by Nancy Harder Jul 25, 2010
BP could have bought a hell of a lot of hypothetical random items with all the stock they’ve lost in the oil spill.

WHERE’S MY ICE cream sandwich? published a cool infographic about all the things that BP could have spent $100,000,000,000 on instead of having it float around in the Gulf. That figure doesn’t even include the $3.5+ billion spent in clean up efforts so far.

So what is just part of the fantasy list of what $100 billion dollars could buy?

1) $8.84 billion worth of clean water. That’s 10 years of clean water for the 884 million people around the world without access to it.

2) A new home for the Hurricane Katrina victims who lost their homes. That amounts to 275,000 houses at a market rate of $175,000 per house.

3) Ice cream sandwiches for everyone! Your mother, their mother, and everyone else in the Northern, Southern, Western and Eastern hemispheres.

4) Twitter (Price: $1 billion)

5) Yahoo, Inc. (Price: $20.069 billion).

6) My personal favorite: A Wolf Moon t-shirt for every person in America. That’s classy.

The list goes on to include cars, an island, books, condoms –even trips to outer space.

It makes me wonder why BP didn’t protect their assets a little more carefully.


While we’re dreaming, what would you have bought with $100 billion?

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