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Plastic Bans on Uptick Around the World

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by Julie Schwietert Aug 26, 2009
Some governments and businesses realize we won’t stop using plastic unless it’s prohibited.

We’ve been keeping tabs on plastic bans around the world, and have come across two encouraging stories from different ends of the world this week.

First came the news that Mexico City has banned plastic bags. Our friends over at Wend Magazine reported that Mexico’s capital city has “banned businesses from distributing plastic bags that are not biodegradable. The ban affects all stores, production facilities and service providers.”

The policy is especially significant considering that Mexico City is one of the world’s most population dense metropolises. The plastic bag ban will prevent massive amounts of unnecessary waste from ending up in the country’s shrinking landfills.

On the other side of the world, the Herald Sun of Australia is reporting that a Melbourne primary school has banned students from bringing plastic water bottles to class. Instead, students are being told to bring reusable, environmentally friendly bottles from home, which can be refilled at fountains and taps in the school.

School principal David Foley indicated that the ban was part of a school-wide effort to improve its environmental consciousness and to decrease students’ collective carbon footprint.

What are policy trends related to plastic use where you live? Share the news from your area in the comments below!

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