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Reminder to Australians: National Ride to Work Day Is Coming Up!

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by Carlo Alcos Oct 1, 2009
It was this time last year that I hopped on a bike to cycle into work for the first time. The occasion? National Ride to Work Day.

I was so inspired by the event last year that I wrote an article at Matador Life about Biking to Work. As originally reported in that piece, a large proportion of first time bicycle commuters who take part in National Ride to Work Day continue to do so months and years later.

I’m no exception. One year later and I’m still pedaling to work, waving to drivers I pass while they’re stuck in traffic, avoiding the seasonal flus and colds that get passed around in trains and buses, and just enjoying the exercise and fresh air (especially riding through the park).

So I kind of find it my duty now to promote this fantastic yearly event, aimed to increase awareness of this alternative mode of transportation.

The details

Wednesday 14 October 2009 is the day. Register yourself for Ride to Work Day for a chance to win a Trek 7.6 FX bike, valued at $1999 and also to make sure you’re counted.

Community breakfasts are held around the country as well, so pop over here to find out where the nearest one to you is.

If you’re still skeptical about this whole cycling to work business and have more questions, visit Bicycle Victoria’s New Riders page.

Remember, safety first

A few months after I started riding, I started to notice habits of both cyclists and drivers on the road that didn’t lend at all to the safety of either party.

I compiled a few things drivers and cyclists can do out of mutual respect, in the hopes that, well, we can all get along: How to Be Good (Better) Drivers and Cyclists.

Day by day more cyclists are taking to the streets and National Ride to Work Day is a huge catalyst in making sure that trend continues.

Ride on, Australia!

Community Connection

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Will YOU be riding to work?

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