The Tiny House Movement Might Be the Future of America

Portland Sustainability
by Matt Hershberger Jul 4, 2014

The tiny house movement often seems more like it’s made for Pinterest boards than for actual practical use, but this recent video by The Atlantic, “The American Dream is Alive — and it’s Really, Really Tiny,” changes all that.

It focuses on the 128-square-foot house of Tammy Strobel and Logan Smith in Portland, Oregon, and how they’ve used it to improve their lives. They talk about how they used to be $30,000 in debt, and eventually decided that, in order to save time, space, and money, in order to simplify their lives, and in order to live more sustainably, they built a tiny house.

And it is small. The weird thing is, though, that while we watch them discussing the house, we can see that they appear to have a lot of room to spread out and move about. It just doesn’t look cramped. It’s a minimalist take on life, and one that cuts back on excessive materialism. I have to say that after watching this video, if I had any building skill at all, I’d consider this take on modern American living.

Could you see yourself living in a tiny house?

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