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If you’re looking to delve deep into African nature, you can find almost all of it in Cameroon.

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From the central highlands — full of waterfalls and lush jungle valleys — to the highest point in West Africa at Mount Cameroon, you’ll find no shortage of ways to wear yourself out. Cameroon is also a huge rock-climbing hotspot, where climbers of all levels can enjoy the hikes and ascents near Maroua. Le Dent de Mindif will offer you the biggest challenge, if you’re up for it.

But what would a trip to the African wilderness be without some wildlife? And in Cameroon, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to spot black rhinos in Bouba Ndidah National Park. Or trek to find western lowland gorillas in Lobeke National Park. You don’t even need to go on safari to see wildlife in Cameroon, as just spending the day at Waza National Park will have you spotting bird species you never knew existed.

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