Ivory Coast

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As you might expect from a country with the word “coast” in its name, Ivory Coast has some spectacular beaches on which to waste a few days, the best of which you’ll find near the resort town of Assouinde.

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It’s a popular weekend getaway for city dwellers in nearby Abidjan, and a great place to go fishing for carp, barracuda, or mullet too.

The country isn’t all beaches and coastline though. Like many countries in Africa, wildlife-spotting in Ivory Coast is a big draw, and you’ll spot the most in Comoe National Park. There you’ll find lions, waterbucks, and hippos roaming the landscape, though you’ll probably need your own vehicle to make a visit. In addition to seeing wild animals, Ivory Coast has ample opportunities for hiking and outdoor adventure. Head to the city of Man where you can walk through its lush rainforest before attempting to tackle Mt. Tonkoui, a 4,012-foot peak which rewards you with sprawling views out over Liberia and Guinea.

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