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South Sudan is currently under the dreaded Level 4 travel restriction, due mostly in part to a brutal civil war that’s been going on literally for decades.

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The fighting continues over oil, cattle, and ethnic tensions, and weapons are pretty commonplace among the population. Not even U.S. government workers in the country are allowed much outside the capital, always traveling in armored cars.

Hopefully, someday the tensions will ease, and you’ll be able to enjoy places like Nimule National Park, home to elephants, crocodiles, and hippos that congregate under the crashing water of Fola Falls. Live wrestling is also a major cultural event in South Sudan, and unlike the WWE, the wrestling is real — and accompanied by live drums. In October, you can also catch the largest mammal migration in the world when white-eared kob and tiang antelope move through Boma National Park.

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