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by Kelly Saunders Jul 27, 2008
Bottle-opening sandals? GPS rings for your fingers? Check out these bizarre travel items.

Here are ten odd, even downright outlandish travel items that are amusing yet surprisingly functional and easy to pack.

1) Built-In Bottle Cap Opener Sandals

If you are heading to a sunny, tropical destination, you must bring along these fashionable Reef sandals with a built in bottle opener. They are great to have should you find yourself craving an ice cold brew while sunning on the beach.

Lightweight and comfortable, you can easily slip them on and off while passing through airport security.

Find these and many other great beach products at www.reef.com

2) Passchal handbags

Designed using old, recycled truck and tractor tires and stitched with faux leather trim, each Passchal bag is unique.

Different markings and thread lines which originate from specific tire brands add to the flair of each bag.

The Passchal line mixes fashion with recycling.

If you’d like one, prepare for a 90 day wait as they are in high demand!.

You can find these great bags at www.passchal.com.

3) Binoculars with built-in digital camera

If you are a travel enthusiast, adventurer, or explorer, you’ll probably love this gadget.

The Barska Point N’ View 5-Megapixel Camera Binoculars is a high quality pair of binoculars with a digital zoom lens and a built-in digital camera.

Does it get any better than this?!

4) MP3 Dancing Speaker Set

This handy dancing speaker connects to any iPod® or MP3 player and dances to the rhythm of the music.

It moves its legs and arms, turns around, and is the ultimate entertainment you need during your travels.

It has built-in melodies, supports sound activation, and produces quality sound through its 1.5-in speaker.

Comes with an audio cable and AAA batteries.

5) GPS Finger Rings

Ever find yourself lost in a strange city?. Well never again!.

These vibrating GPS rings will guide you through your trip.

Maps get lost, torn, or wet. But these sturdy, fashionable travel rings, though odd, are very durable and useful.

Rings come in a three piece set..

6) Gorillapod Compact Camera Tripod

Peculiar yet functional, the Gorillapod Compact Camera Tripod folds up nicely and takes up very little space within your luggage while traveling.

It can twist and coil to fit any small spot, and is very lightweight.

It supports most compact, powershot, and point & shoot cameras.

7) Lightload Towels

These cool space savers have to be the smallest thing you can pack when heading to the beach.

Dump a handful of these towels in your pocket, saving tons of room for everything else.

These multipurpose towels are great accessories to take with you while going scuba diving, camping, hunting, fishing, swimming, boating and sailing.

Stick them in your glove compartment for emergency automobile maintenance needs such as cleaning up after checking your washer fluid, cleaning up engine oil spills, etc.

They are also washing machine safe so you can either keep them or toss ‘em.

8 ) Waterproof Digital Camera Swim Mask

Digital Camera Swim Mask – $99.95

This is the only snorkeling mask with a built-in waterproof digital camera, abolishing the need to carry a separate underwater camera. This five megapixel camera works in a depth of up to 15ft.

Built-in functionality inside the mask lets you know if you are in “still picture” or “video” mode. You can download pictures onto your PC via a USB cable (included).

The mask has a built-in 16MB memory card which can store up to 30 photographs.

9) Milan Street Map Fly Swatter

Bye Bye Fly – $24.00

This crazy fly swapper is a great way to keep away pesky critters while trying to find your way through Milan.

It can also be used as a small hand-held fan on those hot summer days if you’re so inclined.

This durable street map/fly swatter is made by Pandora Designs, and is a great little way of finding your bearings around the city.

10) Violife Travel Toothbrush Sanitizer

The Violife Sanitizer uses germicidal light to destroy 99% of germs on your toothbrush.

It uses two AA batteries, and shuts off automatically once it’s done eradicating those little bad microbes that may be prowling around on your toothbrush.

You can find this toothbrush sanitizer and other related products at www.violife.com

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